Big Kid Board /age 7-10
Big Kid Board /age 7-10
Big Kid Board /age 7-10
Big Kid Board /age 7-10
Big Kid Board /age 7-10
Big Kid Board /age 7-10

Big Kid Board /age 7-10

For the Big Kids in your life, the Big Kid ThoughtFullBoard is the perfect way to help them take positive steps towards physical and mental wellness. The board comes with HeartStepper Magnets to track daily progress and Resource Guide to provide you with all the necessary information how to use it.  This board has been designed by our Experts (see About Us) for children in the age of 7 to 10.

The Big Kid ThoughtFullBoard focuses on:

  • Nutrition
  • Physical Activity
  • Screen Use
  • Sleep
  • Social/Emotional Wellness

Board Size: 8" x 10", with stand for your countertop, hook for your wall or magnets for your fridge. 

In this package you will find:

  • ThoughtFullBoard
  • HeartStepper Magnets
  • ThoughtFullBoard Resource Guide

Shipping is Free in Canada and only $5 Shipping to US.  

Please check our Family Pack discounts (enter code: "Family Pack of ..." into the Discount window at the end of your check out to receive appropriate discount):

  • Family Pack of 2:  $5 off if you purchase 2 boards
  • Family Pack of 3:  $10 off if you purchase 3 boards
  • Family Pack of 4:  $15 off if you purchase 4 boards or more


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