"As an educator, I've seen first hand that maintaining a balanced healthy lifestyle has a tremendous impact on a child's academic growth. ThoughtFullBoard is an engaging and easy to use tool for young children to track their personal health and wellness.  The interactive tracking system empowers children to take responsibility for their wellbeing, provides important target areas to track and provides an important visual reminder of daily goals.  What a fabulous tool for young bodies!"

                                                                                                        Paula from Hamilton, ON


"I knew the @thoughtfullboard was a good idea in principle, but I was surprised just how enthusiastic my kids have been about keeping tabs on their healthy lifestyle choices. I've even caught this guy inviting siblings out to the trampoline 'so we can move the heart up.'

Also, nothing is allowed to clutter up the front of my fridge, but this is totally cute enough to make the cut!"

                                                                                                     Carrie Ford-Jones, Mom of five


"As a mother of three I was looking for some sort of tracking tool that would help me manage my daily struggle of getting quality food into my kids diet.  As many of us know it's easy to get through the day not paying attention to how much water we drank or how many servings of fruits/veggies we had, if any at all.  

When I was introduced to ThoughtfullBoard I knew I'd discovered something absolutely amazing.  ThoughtfullBoard gave me exactly what was missing in my path to healthy living.  The Board is simple, very easy and fun to use.  My kids love it, I love it, we can't live without it!!!

The Board makes us mindful of what we eat.  My kids are aware of their daily intake of fruits, vegetables, grains, proteins and water every day and they are positively motivated and encouraged  to do better tomorrow.  

ThoughtfullBoard is a creator of healthy habits and a new life style in our family.  My children and I wake up every day looking forward to say "good morning" to their Boards.  When they go to sleep they know exactly how they did today and fall asleep very proud.

I'm one happy mom!    Thank you ThoughtfullBoard!!!"

                                                                                                          Ella from Waterloo, ON